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The Great British Business Show



My team and I have been exhibiting at the Great British Business Show at Olympia this week.  It’s the first time our team has done it, so I thought I’d write about the experience.

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The first thing to say is that Olympia is a MASSIVE venue, with very hard concrete floors.  At the end of both days, my feet were killing me.  My friend, Anne Germain, who was with me and staying with me, felt the same way.  We could barely walk.  Matt felt the same way at the start of day two.


I take my hat off to all the security guys, they were absolutely charming and helpful.  It was a mammoth task searching people going into that place, but quite right that they did it.

The history of Olympia is interesting.  It opened as an agricultural hall in 1886 and originally covered an area of four acres.  It now comprises a conference centre and four event halls.  It went on to become a temporary German prisoner of war camp during World War I and an internment camp during World War II.

Back to the show.  It’s a two-day event.  Our main aim in going there was to build the team, it’s a network marketing company after all.  What absolutely amazed me was the lengths that some people will go to in order to get a small cup of coffee for free.  And I mean small.  We were using espresso sized cups and yet one woman kept coming back for more and complained that on the first day she’d given a bigger cup!

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We learned by our mistakes on day one and stopped giving free coffee to all and sundry and only gave it to those who provided their contact details.  The coffee isn’t free to us; we have to buy it.  I’m sure that some of the people who provided details aren’t really interested in joining the company but at least they will have to put up with the contact calls.  I probably sound a bit churlish about this, but it was a business show, the clue is in the title.

Time wasters aside, we were happy with the way things went.  We all got a lot of contact details, and if 1% of them to sign up to the business, we’ll be progressing nicely.

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The other thing that we learned from day one was that it was easier to have someone dedicated to making the coffee – we had a pretty steady stream of people and it takes quite a long time to tell them about the product and the business.  Anne volunteered to do that job.  At a rough estimate, the team must have spoken to over 1000 people over the two days, which is a lot of advertising for the business, if nothing else.  A lot of people had never heard of the company, which is good for anyone joining now, it means that there is a whole untapped market out there.

Photo 03-12-2015, 11 36 03We certainly met some interesting people and I do hope that some of them join us in the business opportunity.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but it can be fun and with hard work and application can be a great way to make a second income.  Hopefully we will be at the Business Show again next December.


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