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Beer and Skittles (Skittles Two)

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http://thedragonslairnj.com/?search=elk-problems-from-accutane-use I have been known to say “That won’t keep me in beer and skittles,” but I have no idea where the saying came from, so I thought I’d try to find out.

click here The Freedictionary.com refers to “life isn’t all beer and skittles” as not being able to have fun all the time.  Most of the references I found said just this.  Apparently, it was a phrase coined in the 19th century.  It’s quoted in http://causeofjesusdeath.com/?search=cheap-levitra-a Tom Brown’s Schooldays, and Charles Dickens used a variation of it in comprare viagra 50 mg online generico a Torino The Pickwick Papers, “They don’t mind it; it’s a regular holiday to them – all porter and skittles.”

levitra 5mg The game of Skittles, by the way, has been around since the nineteenth century and is similar to ten-pin bowling.  (Funnily enough, it was also known as Ninepins.)  Apparently, it’s still played.  It was a pub game, with the pins set up in a kind of square pattern and the players were supposed to knock the pins down with a ball.  There is also a table version of the game (and I think I have seen that one on my travels).

buying lasix on line Porter is a type of ale – if you see the old pubs with the glazed tiles, you’ll often see a reference to porter imprinted in the tiles.

lasix aventis no prescription I was beginning to think I’d made up my expression until I came across a website called word-detective.com.  There is a 2010 entry that says, “Sam’s parking fine payments keep the city in beer and skittles.”  Word-detective.com is a US website, so maybe the original English phrase changed a bit due to the water in between the two countries?  Anyway, I’m happy now that I know roughly how it originated and that I didn’t imagine hearing it somewhere.

http://aeea4u.org/?search=buy-cialis-no-prescription-online Have a good week.

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