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Ok, here we are with a quick mid-week post…

Gianni Washington (acrossthehogsback.wordpress.com) nominated me to do the #fdbloggers: Get to Know tag.

As regular readers will know, I am not a food blogger, hell, I don’t even cook much these days, but I do love food.  I even love cooking but just don’t get much time these days.  I do have a particular talent for unloading a dishwasher, but that’s another story…  I digress.

So the rules for this are that I answer certain questions, and then I post it on Twitter.  At least, I think that’s right.  So here goes:

follow site Name: Su, Susan, Suse.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=dove-comprare-Viagra-generico-200-mg-a-Torino Blog: Susan Shirley – A Writer’s Blog

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=levitra-in-vendita What was your reason for starting a blog? First thing, this wasn’t my first blog.  There is another one out there, but not in my name.  I set it up under a nom de plume because I was worried about my privacy on the internet, and that’s probably not a bad thing to worry about, given my recent track record (identity theft, credit card cloned).  When I got over that, I decided that, if I had any chance of making it as a writer, I needed an online presence.  Hence, starting my blog.

quanto costa il levitra originale 20 mg in farmacia What’s the dish you’re most proud of?  I do a mean roast dinner, my roast potatoes are to die for, even though I do say it myself.  I’m also very good at adapting recipes.  I have often used Nigella’s cheese risotto (not one for Italian purists, I know, but it is very good).  I also have a good range of quick-cooks (because I used to get home from work too late to spend hours cooking, that whole Spanish eat-late doesn’t work for me).  Sorry, can’t go into too much detail because I’m working on a cook book.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=free-levitra-powered-by-vbulletin What one kitchen utensil could you not live without? Tough call.  What I use most at the moment is my Nutri-bullet but I don’t think that classes as a utensil.  I think I have to go for my magic knife – it’s one of those ones that is supposed to stay sharp forever (again, not for the purists).  I use it for almost all my cutting and chopping except for peeling.

generic for viagra type of drugs You’re stranded on a desert island.  What three ingredients do you take with you? Can I assume that there is fruit on the island?  That’s a bit of a cheat, I know, but there you go.  Bacon, eggs, olive oil.  I reckon I can manage with that and some of the greenery on the island.  I’m a very good ad lib cook.

source link Who do you take your inspiration from? No one person.  I’m a real Delia fan, but I also like Nigella and Jamie Oliver, and Gary Rhodes.  I’ve also learned a lot from my friend Theresa.  She’s taught me to cook a bit of Caribbean food, but more importantly, introduced me to it, I’d never really tried it before I met her.  My mum was a very good pastry cook, and I used to do that when I was married, but I honestly can’t be bothered now.

comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Bologna What’s your favourite social platform? I don’t have one.  I’m ambivalent about all of them.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=buy-viagra-in-uk Biggest disaster in the kitchen? Ha ha, that’s easy, although the disaster was averted.  Back in June, my friend Kate came to stay.  I bought some very good bacon (you know how so much of it has a lot of water in it?  This didn’t.) and was grilling bacon and sausages.  I line my grill with foil to make it easier to clean.  The bacon was done first, so I took the bacon off and left the sausages… All of a sudden the fat from the bacon caught fire and all of a sudden my cooker was on fire…  I know what to do in a fire, so I sorted it fairly quickly, but it took ages to clean that cooker.  That was the disaster.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=prices-for-levitra-super-active Favourite spot for coffee? There is an independent cafe in St James Park underground station, Caffe Grana, it’s one of the best.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=miglior-sito-per-acquistare-viagra-generico-25-mg-spedizione-veloce-a-Bologna Favourite photo you’ve taken? I assume that this is meant to be related to food, not my actual favourite photo….  Does this count?



http://acrossaday.com/?search=canadiean-pharmacy-online-propecia What would you say is your most successful blog post and why? I don’t really know.  Like so many other bloggers, I know people read them but don’t comment.  To be honest, I don’t check the stats often enough to know.

other fertility drugs like clomid and twins Nominate three food bloggers you’d like to get to know better: Sorry guys, there are no food bloggers that I read often enough.

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